Monday, January 4, 2010

Stained Glass Cookies

These colourful cookies have plaque my mind ever since, well to be honest, ever since I saw them one a website in October. I thought they were a marvellous creation, made from the heavens above to place upon your crisp green tree, and to nibble on when a particular cookie caught your eye. My mother wasn’t to keen on the idea, as a tree layered with soft, sticky and rotting Christmas cookies did not suit her ideals of a good Christmas. Luckily, my friends’ birthday was just round the corner, and I thought that it would be the perfect time to trial these so called ‘Stained Glass Cookies’. I asked my Mother to add coloured hard-boiled lollies to her shopping list, and she came back after a trip to the shops that week, with a packet of lollypops. I found this adequate, and got out the hammer from the garage. After smashing them into a zillion pieces, I had 6 saucers filled with multicoloured candies.

I made the dough, and searched the drawers for various instruments I could use for cookie cutters, and the scattered few that I had. After placing 16 cookies on a tray, I had to use a knife to cut out the middles, and then slowly fill each cookie with the various colours of candy. They cookies turned golden, and the candies had melted together just like the recipe had said. What I didn’t count on was the vast number that the recipe would make, nor did I count on the ‘windows’ sticking to the greaseproof paper. I found that the broken candies stuck together on the saucer, and trying to get a spoonful meant re-smashing the already broken candies, which lead to me cleaning up the sticky particles for weeks. =(
All in all, they didn’t turn out as perfect as I had indented, but when held up to the sunlight, they did have the stain glass effect.

I would recommend using different coloured candies on the same cookies, as it somehow looks like there is a lot more skill involved. My friend enjoyed the cookies very much, and enjoyed looking up through them in the sunlight.


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