Friday, January 1, 2010


So, Christmas came and went, and my boyfriend gave me a Doughnut maker. Epic Win!
I was ready to jump at the opportunity to use it, so when New Years came round, and I was invited to a party, I knew it was time to get that 'new' smell off the doughnut maker, and replace it with the sweet, sweet smell of doughnuts.
My plan was to make various different flavours of doughnuts. Some would be coated in sugar and cinnamon (a classic doughnut), others would be iced and the last flavour would be chocolate. I tried to make an even number of each flavour, but I think chocolate won by 7 doughnuts (not that i'm bias or anything) hehe.

I followed the recipe that was given to me with the maker, and found that the suggestion of 1Tbsp of batter to each doughnut hole was too much, instead, I ended up using 2tsps. I made way more than what the recipe said it would make. (It said a mere 24, but I think it was more like 42) .
I had high hopes for the doughnuts. I hoped they would have the proper shape, a certain taste, and more importantly, a certain look. (Im going to blaim it on the fact, that I am an amature at doughnut making, and for my first attempt, they weren't a bad batch really)

I found that the doughnut batter was rather runny, which meant that the amount of batter I used would over flow, and the part that was there to make the centre would be COVERED in batter, which meant the classic doughnut shape was more a round ball, with a small indent in the centre. =(
Fortunately, I used the runt looking doughnuts to cover in sugar and cinnamon. I realised within my first attempt that I needed to brush the doughnuts in butter, before dipping them in the sugar and cinnamon mixture otherwise no sugar would stick.

I made rather alot of plain ones, and then thought I should upgrade some of them to sugar and cinnamon. I then added the cocoa to the batter, and made about 18 chocolate doughnuts. Yum!
Some of the doughnuts were rather chewy, and not as I had hoped. I used icing to cover up any mistakes, which I think worked well as a disguse.

Next time when I make the doughnuts, I shall focus more on the amount of batter I add, so I can get a batch of doughnuts, instead of the chewy doughnut batter balls, smoothered in icing. hehe


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