Friday, January 1, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved choosing what birthday cake I would be receiving that year. We had a small Children’s Cake book, so which cake we got was limited to, what was in the book (oh, and my Mum's patients/skills). I usually choose the 'Monster Cake' which was PACKED full of lollies and chocolates of my choice. But as I grew, my choice of a 'Childish Cake' turned into a round cake; with the number I was turning iced onto it. One word: BORING!!
However, in recent years I have kicked my mother out of the kitchen for my birthday (I'll give her credit, she is a great baker and keeps the cupboard stocked full of delicious home-made cookies and the occasional slice, but when she cooks? disaster. Needless to say, I am promoted to cook in the family, and serve them up what ever pops into my head) and I cook the meal, desserts and the cake.
The most important part of a birthday (other than the birth itself) is the cake, am I right? I’m sure everyone has those fond birthday memories of when your mother/father/siblings showed you, your birthday cake lit with burning candles awaiting you to christen the cake when you cut the first slice (not all the way though, otherwise your wish won't come true! =))
Anyway, in 2008, I put it to myself to bake a cake I have adored for years, but never requested because of:

  1. My age (15 seemed a bit too old for a Mickey mouse cake)
  2. My mothers culinary skills
  3. If it turned out bad, there would be no way to save it

So, I managed make the glorious cake. It turned out reasonably well, and my friends seemed to think it was 'The bee’s knees'.

I think that day was the start to my obsession with baking, food and kitchen secrets.

As you can see, the cake actually does look like Mickey Mouse. Win.
When I made the cake, icing the ears would have to be the hardest part. That is because, when you cut the shape for the ears, you’re cutting in the middle of the cake. And, as everyone knows, cakes are VERY crumbly in the middle. Hence, icing it was extremely tricky. It was at that point I called my mother for assistance, even though I knew the 'I told you so... .’ was about to occur.
The ears and mouth are supposed to be densely coated in chocolate hail. Unfortunately, I had another spot of trouble with the application of the hail to the cake, and had to make do with what I had already applied.
The tongue of Mickey Mouse was also somewhat difficult to make as cutting a thin wafer biscuit means it would crack in the most awkward of places. I think, in the end, I went through half a pack of wafer biscuits to cut it to as perfect as I could get it. = (

All in all, this was the first time I had put tremendous effort in bake, ice and create my very own birthday cake. It ignited my passion for food (baking in particular), and honestly, I would strongly recommend to start baking/decorating/creating a masterpiece for any occasion. There is no occasion to big or to small that does not need a cake.
Start to think about it, I think completing a day of school deserves a slice of cake. I think I shall try and talk my mother into letting me bake a 'Congratulations on Surviving Another Day of School' cake.


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