Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cake in a Cup

Now, I heard about this recipe from a friend in class one day, and I thought she was having me on. How could a cake, cooked in the microwave turn out tasty? My skepticism begins as years ago, when I was young and naïve (12) my sister and I flipped through a cook book, and found a recipe for a coffee cake that was to be cooked in the microwave. After messing around with the recipe (we found it odd that no coffee was actually used, so added our own. As well as various chocolate chips and sweets) we managed to make one of the most disgusting cakes I have ever eaten in my life. It was hard as a rock, tasted of dirt, and was so solid, that it could easily replace a brick in my house.

I never managed to get the recipe off her, as I thought it was best to keep cake baking in the oven, and away from nuclear activity. However, I came across the recipe in a newsletter meant for one of my school teachers. Without their knowledge I ripped the recipe out of the newsletter and swiftly stored it in my bag. I arrived home and showed my mother, and pleaded with her to allow me to cook it. She gave in, as it was a cold night, and the troops (aka: the family) were all still peckish after a hard days work and an unfilling dinner. I only made the one, and split it between the four of us. I’m shocked to say it, but it turned out rather successful. Of course, it is made to be eaten partially warm, and you can’t keep it for more than 30 minutes without it going solid (a bake and eat sort of cake). I thought it I success so much, I persuaded my boyfriend (who isn’t one with the kitchen) to make the cake when he claimed he was hungry. He did so, and now continues to bake this microwave cake. It has become quite a legend amongst his and my friends. He now keeps the recipe saved in the inbox of his phone, for any occasion. Even taking it up to his Uncles house, which it was requested a few times, so he tells me.

I made it for my friend one night after arriving early for a party. She was blown away at how I could have whipped up a cake (iced and all) in only 4 minutes. Needless to say, after 5 minutes, the bowl was completely and utter empty and the icing bowl licked clean.

My next mission is to try and change the flavours abit. I plan to make an apple and cinnamon cake, or perhaps a banana and chocolate chip. I’m hoping my family won’t mind the extra calories they will be eating these up coming winter months!