Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Caker

Hey, Hey, Hey!
Obsessed with delicious (and slightly unhealthy) Cakes? Yeah, me too!
Not only do i ADORE the taste, texture and how fun decorations on cakes (including cupcakes!!) can be, making a cake can gives me so much satisfaction. Decorating is my favourite part. Creating personalized images for the special person, who is receiving the wonderfully textured, sweet, and addicting sponge, creates so much satisfaction for me. When the design works, its magic. When its a flop, its completely disappointing.
In my group of friends, im the 'Baker'. For each persons birthday, i created a cake (Usually chocolate, But the odd orange cake did make its way into the oven) and decorated it too match something, i feel, is the essence of how i see that particular friend. For a change, this year i made slices!! I can't decided which is better, cakes or slices. I think its because they are in different leagues. Cakes are lighter than air, and are suppose to bring back childhood memories of when your mother use to make you the cake of your choice. However, slices are more sophisticated, and needs to be a mixture of crunchy, gooey, and soft (Oh, and of course CHOCOLATEY!!)
This blog is a sort of diary of my cooking and baking that i have done. (My family get sick of my experimentation, as they feel it makes them 'fat'... haha)